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The Golden Temple

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Golden Temple IndiaThe abode of Bliss and Blessings, Golden temple is holiest of the shrines of Sikh religion. Guru Arjun Dev requested the great contemporary Muslim saint Mian Meer to lay the foundation stone of this shrine in January 1589, thus the building was completed in 1601 and the Holy Scripture of Sikhs Adi Granth was installed in Temple in 1604. Invaded by Afghan invaders thrice in 1757,1762, and 1764,the temple was re-built in its present form in 1776.

The Great Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) who is placed in the front rank of the statesmen of the century, guilded the temple with 165 Kg of gold valued at Rs. 65 lakhs in those days. The entire renovation and guilding work was completed in 25 years in 1830, hence its name Golden Temple. It is also known as Darbar Sahib the Court Divine.

Community Kitchen Golden Temple Amritsar
Surrounded by the pool which gave the town its name "Amritsar", GoldenTemple is open to all and is reached by a causeway.The temple beautifully reflected in stunning expanse of water, creates an atmosphere which is particularly powerful from before dawn to early light. At this time the glistening white marble walk-way Parikarma which surrounds the temple is still cold under feet and the gold begins to shimmer in lightening water.

The Holy Scripture is brought in a vivid procession from the Akal Takhat (The highest temporal seat of the sikhs) in the morning to theTemple, to be returned at night. Singing is central to Sikh worship and is a feast to the souls when hymns from the Holy Scripture are recited Kirtan on the waves of the Classical ragas, a sublime blend of voice and music spreads its wings and submerges in celestial atmosphere captivating the devotees.

Map of Golden Temple Amritsar





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