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Punjab means "The Land of the Five Rivers". It is one of the most productive states of India. It occupies the strategic borderlands between the Indus river system. Punjab has a long history and rich cultural heritage. The earliest known harappa civilization was also located in Punjab.

The people of Punjab are called Punjabis and they speak a language called Punjabi. After 1947 Punjab was divided in two parts eastern Punjab and western Punjab, eastern part is with India and its capital is Chandigarh ,west Punjab is with Pakistan and its capital is Lahore.

The main religions in eastern Punjab are Sikhism and Hinduism whereas in western Punjab main religion is Islam. Punjab is a rich agriculture state due to extensive irrigation which is made possible by great river system. Despite the industrialization in the state it is still a large farm land where farmers word hard and grow crops like wheat, rice, cotton., sugarcane. 

Punjab is also known as land of warriors where many important battles took place. Sikhism also originated from Punjab as first guru of the Sikhs Guru Nanak dev Ji was born in Nankana Sahib ie in western Punjab.

Sheesh Mahal Patiala / Punjab Heritage Tour Packages

Sheesh Mahal , Patiala


Jagjit Place Kapurthala / Punjab Heritage Places / Punjab Tourism

Jagjit Place , Kapurthala

NIS Patiala / Punjab Tours / Punjab Information

National Institute of Sports , Patiala

Bhangra The Folk Dance Of Punjab

Bhangra The Folk Dance Of Punjab



Tourist Attractions


 Golden Temple ,Wagah Border ,Jallianwala Bagh


Rock Garden ,Sukhna lake ,Rose Garden


Qila Mubarak ,Sheesh Mahal , National Institute of Sports


Jagjit Place




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