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Village Culture Tour

  The Golden Temple     Village Culture Tour
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  Ram Bagh Garden     Khalsa College
  Hindu Temples     Gobind Garh Fort
  Wagha Border     Science City
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A journey in the heart of the Sikh land is reflected on the vistas of village life. A day starts with the blowing of the conch by the village priest from the village shrine followed by recitation of the Morning Prayer from the Holy Scripture.Village culture Tour Thus the beauty unveils itself to the first rays of the day. Amritsar is just about an ideal place to make a base for visits to rural Punjab and have an idea of the way of life of the state which is perhaps the most prosperous in India and produces almost half of the country`s food grain. What to talk of men even an average Punjabi woman is physically stronger and mentally more agile than her counterpart elsewhere in India. One can watch her embroidering intricate patterns, performing dance Gidda playing rope games and singing sweet songs of love.

Punjabi farmers have adopted these days modern ways of farming like system of irrigation, methods of cultivation and new patterns of growing commercial crops ,but ox ridden with yoke have still not been replaced totally by the modern tractors. It's a feast for the eyes to see a traditional Punjabi farmer drawing water from the well, extracting juice from the sugarcane and grinding wheat -adopting conventional systems. Many of the Punjabi farmers have sent their children to modern schools in cities but themselves prefer to remain in the village to nourish the love in their bossom for the land. A regular tour is conducted by Time Travels to let the visitors have first hand experience of the rural Punjabis life and culture which is beyond description. Let's sway, sing and dance to the beats of Bhangra the folk dance of Punjabis.







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